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The Build to Rent Forum London 2018


Conference content

Key Note Address - Craig McWilliam, Chief Executive (Designate), Grosvenor Britain & Ireland

Craig McWilliam, Chief Executive (Designate) will give his perspective on build to rent; how this asset class is evolving and the role it can play in increasing housing supply and creating new communities.

Research Presentation - Market Overview & Analysis

An overview of key trends and developments in the build to rent market over the past 12 months. We will explore where demand is and see if ‘hot spots’ for build to rent are emerging and how the market is responding to these opportunities.

Plenary Discussion - Housing Associations and Build to Rent

Will housing associations become major players in build to rent? Many leading associations are starting to move into the market but how serious a commitment are they making? Can build to rent learn from housing association management skills or vice versa? Does built to rent have a role to play in the delivery of traditional affordable housing programmes?

Spot Light Session - Built to Rent in London’s Boroughs

A panel of leading council officials in London will debate how London’s boroughs view build to rent. How does it fit into their housing plans? Can it address local housing needs throughout London or is it seen as only being relevant to certain parts of the capital’s housing market? What policies, if any, are boroughs pursuing to support build to rent development in their areas?

Spot Light Session - Estates Regeneration

Estate regeneration is high on the agenda of the central and London Government. In this session we will consider what role build to rent can play in estate regeneration. These projects are often long term and complex but could more of these schemes be unlocked through institutional investment? What sort of relationships between the public and private sectors might emerge?

Specialist Session - The Art of Management

As more build to rent developments come on stream, the management of these buildings will be critical to the success of the investment. A panel of experts in management and technology will explore how operational efficiency can be achieved? What role management plays in attracting and retaining clients? How to maximise income streams and minimise operating costs and rental voids?

Specialist Session - The Art of the Deal

Whilst the build to rent market is now starting to make rapid progress, there are still questions over the best funding structures, valuation model and what can be achieved in terms of gross to net income. A panel session of experts from asset management, funding and investment will debate these issues and more.

Specialist Session - The Art of the Place

In this session we will consider how build to rent schemes can play their part in creating vibrant places, where people want to live and where local communities are enriched. Contributors to this panel session will include experts in design, planning and placemaking.

Plenary Discussion - Housebuilders and Build to Rent

There are signs that housebuilders are starting to move into the build to rent market, forming relationships with investors and housing associations. This panel session will hear the thoughts of some of the UK’s leading housebuilders about what role they may play in the expansion of the build to rent market.

Plenary Discussion - Building a Brand

Building a brand is fundamentally important to the marketing and differentiation of build to rent products. It will underpin customer attraction and retention, and provide a platform for extra services. In this panel session, representatives from major players, build to rent operators, will discuss the importance and value of building a brand.

Key Note Address and Q&A - James Murray, Deputy Mayor for Housing and Residential Development

The Deputy Mayor will outline what the Mayor is doing to deliver more build to rent homes in London and discuss the general steps being taken to increase supply. He will also take questions from the floor.