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Plenary Presentation & Discussion - 'Where's The Big Money ?'

This session will commence with a presentation which will explore the big picture for investment in BTR in the UK versus other more mature overseas markets.  It will also look at investing trends and funding models.

A panel of investors will discuss how the UK can compete to get a bigger slice of the 'BTR investment cake' what part transparency and better data could play in this process.  We will also discuss how the BTR investment models are working and how this asset class is developing.

Plenary Presentation - "Big Data!"

In a short snappy presentation, we will look at the benefits of capturing and sharing data, what benefits this brings and what steps we should take if the UK is to compete with more mature overseas markets.

Plenary Presentation - "UK Market Round-Up"

In this session we will look at the roll-out plans of 3 BTR organisations via quick-fire Pecha Kucha presentations, followed by a panel session,  to understand what different models are being developed, how they work, prime locations, what key challenges to deliver in each market. 

Plenary Debate - "Free Market v Regulation"

Concerns in the market about rental inflation, security of tenure and the protection of tenant rights are leading some local authorities to explore 'tenancy regulations'.  Scotland introduced such legislation in 2017 and in spite of an initial stand-off, investors are now active 'north of the borders'.  So, is there a case for tenacy legislation or should the market self-regulate ?  What are the impacts ?

Plenary Presentation - “The Planning Puzzle”

Planning remains inconsistent, a challenge for BTR at a numer of levels and impacts both viability, funding and the ability of developers to compete with Housebuilders.  Our keynote address will look at London, where there are some specific challenges on; policy, planning, viability models and affordable quotas. 

So, we will pose the question, "Are planning authorities really getting to grips with BTR ? What needs to happen next ?"

Plenary Debate - “Who owns the Customer ?”

Some owners 'outsource' the management of their BTR properties to third party specialist management companies, who 'white label' their services, others believe inhouse management, 'owning the customer' is fundamentally important to building relationships and long-term value.  So who is right ? What is the best solution ?

Plenary Panel Discussion - “Tales of the Unexpected...”

The number of BTR facilities entering operation is increasing as the pipeline, we have been talking about over the last few years is delivers product!  So, what can we learn from the buildings coming into operation ? what has worked ? What has gone wrong ? What are key challenges of launching a new facility and mobilising services ?  Most importantly what are the priorities of residents ? 

This session will have a penel of individuals who have been hands on in opening buildings, dealing with the associated challenges of meeting the needs and expectations of residents. 

Plenary Panel Discussion - "Diversification of BTR"

Build to Rent is seen by many, particularly by some in Local Authorities, as a one-trick pony, capable of only delivering high-end, high-value rented accommodation with al the 'bells and whistles'.  In this final panel session we will explore the renting bandwidth and life cycles, from Co-Living through Family, to Senior Living and what BTR can deliver and how it can diversify.

Expert Session 1 - "Enabling BTR - Homes England"

In this session we will explore how Homes England are enabling the development of BTR and in what form this support is being delivered!  As well as providing a guide and an insight to securing funding support, we will also look at some case study examples of schemes supported by Homes England.

Expert Session 2 - "Design for Living"

Good design is fundamentally important to the success of BTR at any number of levels; attracting & retaining residents; creating great living spaces; providing functional efficiency. 

In this session we look at the latest thinking in design and, with a panel of BTR operators, explore the trends and developments in both interior and external spaces.

Expert Session 3 - "Mobilisation & Optimisation - What part Art ? What Part Science ?"

Mobilisation - marketing / letting, set up, stabilisation - optimising income.  What part process ? What part technology ?  What part people ?  And, what are the critical factors of getting buildings to perform ?

In this specialist panel session we will explore best practice, the lessons learned and the golden rules of maximising the success of a BTR Investment.

Keynote - Speaker to be confirmed

We will conclude the Conference with a keynote address from an Industry / Political Leader.