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'Build To Rent - Back to the Future; Sustainable Living'


Conference content


Presentation: ‘Lifestyles & Workplaces' - is there a New Agenda for Living?

In this opening session we will explore the impacts of the pandemic, how it has changed the workplace and society, the shape of things to come, and where is the evidence?


Presentation: ‘Delivering on the promise’ – Customer Feedback

Using the very latest data, from the most comprehensive study of its kind, we will deep dive into 'customer expectations’ and review how the BTR Sector has performed against key criteria; what it is doing well and where it needs to improve?


Panel Session: Post Pandemic Impacts – What have we learnt?

In our first panel session of the day, we bring together key BTR operators to consider the impacts of the pandemic. What are the biggest challenges, what have we learnt, and how will this experience impact, design, operations and customer priorities around wellbeing, liveability and community?


Presentation - The Living Capital Market' - Investment agendas, funding sources, priorities...

We will explore what is happening in the ‘Living Capital Market’ - where capital is being allocated across the different segments of the residential market and how well the UK is competing, against other parts of the globe? In addition, what are the investment trends and what are the prospects for investment in BTR?


Case Study – Public & Private Collaboration – ‘Connected Living London’

Connected Living London is a JV formed between TFL & Grainger. The current plan is to deliver c3000 rented homes, including c50% affordable, across six sites in the capital. We will look at how the JV works, how it operates and what it will deliver.


Keynote Address - UK Living Standards and the Private Rented Sector

The pandemic has had an impact on UK living standards, hitting those families on lower incomes hardest. To help us understand the importance of delivering homes for all parts of society, we will take a comprehensive look at the scale of the challenge.


Panel Session – Public & Private Collaboration – Delivering more homes ….

In our second panel session we discuss Public & Private collaboration, which is critical at all levels if we are to deliver the right mix of homes across the UK. From creating a positive and constructive dialogue and building trust to getting projects through planning and off the ground.


Presentation – ‘Housing: Where's the demand? What are the trends?’

To conclude day one, we take a look at the housing market across the UK to understand the trends and to explore broadly what is happening. To what extent are people moving out of cities, what are they looking for in terms of accommodation, where are they looking to live and who is looking?



Presentation - The Evolution of Living Spaces

To open day two, we look at what is happening in terms of the evolution of living spaces; what is influencing the way that we live, what are our priorities and how this is shaping design and concepts? Liveability, wellbeing, sustainability and open spaces have become increasingly important since the pandemic. How might this and how we will live in the future impact rented living models.


Panel Session – ‘Co-Living, Urban Spaces, Shared Places’

A number of BTR’s major operators are working on Co-Living concepts or more broadly ‘Urban Living Concepts’. We will explore how Co-Living is shaping up, what it will look like in the future and how it will fit into the overall BTR marketplace?


Case Study – ‘Our Campus’ – Amsterdam

Greystar are developing a ‘vertically integrated platform’ combining student accommodation together with a range of rented living concepts, as part of a major mixed use urban-regeneration project in Amsterdam, Holland. How has this model developed, how is it working and what can we learn?


Panel Session – Suburban Living - Single Family Housing

Single Family Housing in the suburbs is seen as the next big thing. Major investors have launched funds and models and are actively seeking opportunities. We will look at what is happening, what is driving the appetite, how the single family model will work, and what are barriers to entry.


Keynote Address - Constructing Safe Places to Live

The aftermath of the Grenfell tragedy and the subsequent surveys of buildings across the UK has identified a litany of construction defects, directly impacting the safety of residents and as a by-product the value and saleability of their homes. In this session we consider how we design and build to meet regulatory standards and what part Modern Methods of Construction can play in this endeavour.


Panel Session – Urban Living - 'Living above the Shop'

With great changes on the High Street, many operators including major retailers are exploring the opportunity to create Urban Rented Homes in town centres, above the shop. This fits well with the mission of the ‘High Streets Task Force’ initiative which is backed by a multi-billion pound funding package. In this session, we will discuss the scale of this opportunity, the challenges, and how well BTR could work in such locations.


Keynote Address – ‘Active Senior Living’

Later Living accommodation is challenging to deliver but has massive potential in the UK. In this session, we will learn about industry-leading ‘Active Lifestyle Communities’ being successfully developed in Canada. The scale, breadth and what is being delivered is impressive. With plans to develop and roll out a similar product in the UK, we will learn first-hand about the ambitions of a market leading operator.


Panel Session: Active Senior Living

In our final panel session, picking up on the ‘Active Senior Living’ keynote, we will explore the market for ‘Later Living’ rented homes, the challenges in terms of viability, and getting schemes consented and off the ground.


Conference Round Up!

We will conclude the conference with a brief round-up of the two days. And remember, you will be able to revisit the BTR Forum platform and watch all of the content on catch up! As part of the BTR Community you can also continue to network and engage with fellow members.