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What is the Build to Rent Forum?


The Build to Rent Forum, now in its tenth year, is organised by Movers & Shakers and is unrivalled as ‘the UK’s leading BTR Conference!’ 

This highly successful, authoritative, one day (content-driven) event, brings together Key Leaders from the Private and Public sectors, for top-level conversations and debate, to share knowledge and understanding, to collaborate, and to generate better outcomes for people, places and business!

Since its inception in 2014, the Forum has established itself as a powerful, yet authentic,  platform for the advancement and development of BTR and the rented sector; and has been a sell-out event each year!

Theme for 2024


The new Labour Government has set out an ambitious plan for building 1.5 million homes over the next 5 years.  Fittingly, the 10th BTR Forum will explore what part rented living can play in this process, and how it can deliver ‘more homes, more value more options.’

Build to Rent, in its various forms, has made amazing progress over the last decade – raising standards in the design, delivery and management of homes, playing a valuable role in generating better social outcomes, and creating thriving, sustainable and inclusive communities / places.

In short, Build to Rent has a massive opportunity to meet the housing challenge head on!

At this year’s conference, via a series of keynotes, presentations, case studies and panel sessions, we will be exploring the following key themes:

Driving More Investment into the Living Sectors - How do we drive more investment into the ‘Living Sectors’, to underpin growth, and to deliver more rented homes?  How important are ‘capital flows’? What will attract more investment?

The Power of Collaboration – Delivering More Homes, More Options, More Value – How can BTR Operators, Housebuilders, RSLs and Local authorities, work together to deliver more homes? What do successful partnerships look like? What are the challenges and what is the scale of the opportunity?

Repurposing Buildings – Breathing New Life into Places - What are the options, the challenges, and the opportunities?  How can the repurposing of buildings deliver value in terms of new homes and what part can this play in creating better places to live and thrive?

Blended Living – Life Cycles & Living Trends – So where are we now with rented living options?  How well are we meeting the needs of ‘renters’ at their different stages in the life cycle - from Student Housing to Later Living? How does it all fit together?  Where are the gaps and where are the opportunities”?

In addition, we have Expert Breakout Sessions on:

Creating Homes for Key Workers – How can these be delivered to underpin economic growth and to provide social equality?

Upscaling BTR, Managing Growth, Optimising Returns – How can returns be optimised to drive more investment, whilst attracting and retaining customers?

The Part of Arts & Culture – in Creating Places – How can ‘Arts and Culture’ be integrated into the creation of places? How does it deliver long term value and drive sustainability?

There will also be a number of high-level keynotes and presentations. And, plenty of time for networking through the day, culminating with a drinks reception.

Who should attend?
  • Organisations and individuals looking at the UK Rented Living sector, and in particular Build to Rent, those interested in understanding the market, identifying opportunities, and making the right conntections.
  • Investors, Developers, Pension Funds, Banks, Housing Associations, Government & Local Authorities, Surveyors, Property Lawyers, Consultants and Contractors.
Why attend?

A one-day conference that delivers on multiple levels:

  • Be informed - Understand the intricacies of the BTR market; its challenges, and opportunities.
  • Listen and learn - Delve into expert perspectives from frontrunners in the BTR arena, across the private and public sectors.
  • Gain valuable insights - Stay at the forefront of BTR / rented sector trends, best practices, and emerging models.
  • Network and Connect - Build relationships with the Industry’s influential players and stakeholders, broadening your network and potential partnerships.

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