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The Build to Rent Forum London is organised by Movers & Shakers with support from the GLA and the Mayor of London. This is an authoritative two-morning event that brings together Private and Public sector leaders and key stakeholders to debate and exchange ideas. Following its successful launch in 2015 the Built to Rent Forum London has established itself as a powerful platform for the advancement and development of Build to Rent.

The next BTR Forum London will take place on Tuesday 29th & Wednesday 30th June 2021:

'Build to Rent - Back to the Future; Sustainable Living'

Day One - Lessons learned, delivering more and better …

The pandemic has had an impact across all Real Estate asset classes. In the case of BTR, it has ‘stress tested’ the management systems and operational processes; challenged management teams and identified key areas for change, as we come to terms with changes with new ways in which we both work and live?

The design and mix / use of spaces, amenities, technology and overall liveability has come under scrutiny. This conference will address these areas and explore how the impacts of the past 15 months is and will change the way BTR is designed, managed, delivered, and presented in the future.

As we get back to business, the importance of collaboration between both Public and Private sectors is critical to getting more rented homes off the ground, and to ensuring that the needs of both Local Authorities and BTR operators are meet through a share agenda.

In addition, the challenges of climate change and the need to deliver sustainable living is top of the agenda for investor and residents alike.

Day-one of our two-day fully virtual interactive, ‘content driven’ conference, will centre around the changes that have taken place and are taking place, and their influence on BTR moving forward.

Day Two – Back to the Future, New Thinking, New Models, New Ideas …

With more BTR schemes coming on to the market, more choice for customers; along with a better understanding of customer needs and expectations; the market is maturing and rapidly developing new living concepts and models.

Co-Living is now on the agenda for a number of the major players. Single Family Housing, in the suburbs, is seen as the next big thing, with a wall of money waiting to invest. With the demise of the High Street, many operators (including major retailers), are exploring the opportunity to create Urban Rented Homes in town centres, above the shop!. And we must not ignore ‘Later Living’, with its delivery challenges, but with massive potential. We will be covering all of these models and more!

Day-two will cover all of the above and bring our two-days of interactive discussion, presentations and high level opinion-forming debate, to a conclusion.

So, in summary the 7th Forum will explore:

  • Lifestyles & Workplaces – is there a new agenda for living?
  • Customer Feedback – how have BTR customers rated their experience?
  • The Living Capital Market – where's the money, what the source, what’s the destination?
  • Public & Private Sector Collaboration – how can we deliver more rented homes?
  • What’s the Demand, what are the Trends – demographics, location, type and size?
  • The Evolution of Living Spaces – key influences and outcomes?
  • Co-Living – the development and fit of urban micro-living?
  • Living Above the Shop – Urban living on the High Street?
  • Active Living – Later Living, a market with massive potential

We will bring together leaders from Public & Private sectors, Key Policy Makers, Investors, Operators, Advisors and Specialists in a series of keynotes, presentations, case studies, and panel sessions.

Join us at the ‘7th Build to Rent Forum’ London to get the inside track on this rapidly emerging sector and network with the key players in the industry.



The BTR Forum has been positioned to attract key players from across the BTR sector and specifically key groups including:

  • Investors
  • Pension Funds
  • Developers / House Builders
  • Housing Associations
  • Local Authorities
  • Banks
  • Advisors


There are a range of standard packages with the opportunity to tailor these around the needs of individual organisations. Sponsors where appropriate will have the opportunity to contribute to the content of the conference programme