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Now in its ninth year, The Build to Rent Forum is organised by Movers & Shakers, and is unrivalled as ‘the UK’s leading BTR Conference!’

This highly-successful, authoritative one day (content-driven) event, brings together Private and Public sector leaders and key stakeholders to debate and exchange ideas. Be part of the conversation!

Since its inception in 2015, the Forum has established itself as a powerful platform for the advancement and development of BTR and the rented sector; and has been a sell-out event each year!

The next BTR Forum London will take place on Thursday 5th October 2023:

‘Build to Rent: The Next Decade - Navigating the Future of Rented Living’

The Build to Rent Forum, now in its ninth year, is organised by Movers & Shakers, and is unrivalled as ‘the UK’s leading BTR Conference!’

This highly successful and annual sell-out event, is a full day, content driven conference. After 10 years of development in the UK, we look forward to what the next decade of BTR will look like! This year’s BTR Forum will explore the current challenges of getting Build-to-Rent schemes off the ground and operating successfully; including viability and investment issues. It sets out with a focus on navigating the regulatory environment, potential areas for market growth, and addressing how BTR will shape the future of rented living and housing in general in the UK.

Through a blend of keynotes, presentations, and panel discussions, leading contributors at the forefront of BTR will share their experiences, knowledge and wisdom

According to the BPF, the number of BTR homes complete, under construction, or in planning, stands at over 250,000 homes. Over the past 5 years the sector has grown by a healthy 28%. With growth over the last 12 months of 9% (between Q1 2022 and Q1 2023). BTR in the UK Regions grew at twice the pace of London (12% and 6% respectively). But here has been a noticeable slowdown in starts, driven by multiple factors: construction costs, cost of debt, investment yield movements, and the uncertainty around regulations. All this said, there is a wall of capital waiting to invest!

So, how will BTR shape up over the next decade?

The BTR Forum sets the bar high - Forward thinking… How can BTR build on a successful 10 years of growth and move into its next decade, overcoming current obstacles, delivering homes that are inclusive and accessible; and realising its potential?

We will navigate the future of rented living, from both a ‘market / corporate growth’ and ‘design for living’ perspective. In addition, we will be picking up on advances in technology and the impact on BTR operations, with sessions on sustainable living, and how creating, developing and sustaining a ‘brand’ is important in a constantly moving and increasingly competitive marketplace.

The 9th Annual BTR Forum is an authoritative conference aimed at individuals who are actively involved in the BTR Sector and the wider Housing Industry. This one-day event provides an unparalleled opportunity to engage with Industry thought leaders and gain cutting edge insights into the evolving landscape of BTR and rented living, within the housing market as a whole.



The BTR Forum has been positioned to attract key players from across the BTR sector and specifically key groups including:

  • Investors
  • Pension Funds
  • Developers / House Builders
  • Housing Associations
  • Local Authorities
  • Banks
  • Advisors


There are a range of standard packages with the opportunity to tailor these around the needs of individual organisations. Sponsors where appropriate will have the opportunity to contribute to the content of the conference programme